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Technology Investor's Advisory Service

Opportunity identification and qualification

We introduce commercially qualified, early stage investment opportunities to funds, syndicates and individual investors in addition to delivering technology due diligence to support investment decisions at any stage.
Free Stuff For Startups

Business Tools and Services

Free Stuff For Startups is a curated, collated and categorised directory of powerful SaaS business applications that can be used without cost by start up companies. FSFS enables entrepreneurs to prove their business validity before requiring external funding for the growth stage.

Pay Per Pulse Ltd - in house services

At the core of Pay Per Pulse is a desire to help UK founders succeed in business.
The TIAS and FSFS brands are our shop windows into each side of the equation.
At our core we are strategic consultants that understand the mindset of both sides of the equation and serve to smooth the relationship between the two.

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Raising Equity is never quick or easy.
Time is too precious for either side to waste !

Have you ever wondered why investors try so hard to attract start-ups to invest in?

It's not because they are desperate to give away money !

It's because most of start-ups they meet are simply un-investable !

Seed Stage Equity investors really do have to kiss hundreds of frogs in order to find those elusive companies with the right combination of product, talent and attitude to justify their investment.

At Pay Per Pulse Ltd we only involve our investor community when we judge a start up to be ready and suitable for investment. If your startup isn't investable, it might still be a valid business and we are always happy to help you grow organically or with other funding options.

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